Terrace / Solarium

A place of pure relax with a breathtaking view of the town

Although our rooms do not have balconies the hotel does have a lovely terrace where you can relax during the day. You can have breakfast there or sunbathe on the loungers,  cool down with a warm or cold shower or have an aperatif after a day on the beach or a trip. The terrace can also be used in the evening where you can enjoy the view of Amalfi by night and the cool sea breeze. Make the most of our free wi-fi which is also accessible on the terrace. You can also buy a bottle of wine and a pizza from any of the local restaurants or wine shops just outside the hotel and have them on the terrace. If you want a souvenir of the fantastic views of Amalfi, our terrace is the ideal places to take your photos as it offers a 360° view of the town.




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