The winter Sea. A long stay at a low cost.

Not everyone knows that Amalif began a century ago as a winter tourist resort, not a summer one.

People from northern Europe came to Amalfi to spend the winter months in a mild climate (+10°/15°) where it was possible to spend most of the time outdoors. Even today Amalfi is a good place to get through the winter months.
Most of the restaurants, shops, hotels and other businesses remain open.  All land connections between towns continue to run (eg. Ravello, Positano, Pompei, Naples, Maiori, Salerno, Paestum). Ferries to Capri continue to run and archeological sites remain open and can be visited. The vast hiking network is accessible throughout the year.

Furthermore, contact with the local residents is constant given that Amalfi has around 5000 inhabitants (double the amount of tourist beds)and is the main location of all offices (schools, administrative offices, etc) used by the population of the entire Amalfi Coast.

Our experience tells us that a winter holiday here gives our guests the most satisfaction.

For this reason we propose this special offer, where our only intention is to satisfy our guests and continue to meet their needs.


Part of this content is under translation and it will available in English soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Termini e condizioni

  • L’offerta consiste in uno sconto percentuale dell’1% per ogni notte di soggiorno in più oltre la prima. Così, ad esempio, se si soggiorna 4 notti, si ha uno sconto del 3% sul costo complessivo del soggiorno; se si soggiorna 15 notti, si ha uno sconto del 14%; e così via, fino al massimo del 30% di sconto peer chi soggiorna 31 notti o più.
  • Verrà applicata su richiesta dell’ospite al momento del conto.
  • L’offerta è applicabile a tutte le prenotazioni, anche quelle effettuate tramite Booking, Venere, Expedia,, agenzie e le altre OTA.
  • L’offerta non è cumulabile con altre offerte, a meno che la possibilità di cumulo non sia espressamente prevista dalle altre offerte speciali.
  • L'offerta è valida per soggiorni dal 3.11.2017 al 26.12.2017 e dal 7.1.2018 al 29.3.20



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