7 . Excursion to Pompeii and Vesuvius (whole day)

A journey in the ancient world and daily life of this roman city

Pompeii and Vesuvius (whole day)
Pompeii and the Vesuvius are one of the most visited sites of the entire world. By going there you will easily understand why.  This archaeological site will show you a vivid example of  roman society, not only because it has been well preserved over time, but also because the lava has preserved casts of men and animals from that period, which you will not be able to see in any other part of the world.

Length of the excursion
Pompeii is 45 Km from Amalfi.  The excursion will last all day as time will be needed not only for the necessary transfers  (from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the means of transport) but also because it takes at least 4 hours to visit Pompei and 2 hours to visit Vesuvius.

How to go to Pompeii

Although Pompei can be reached by public transport, this is not the best way to get there as there isn’t a direct bus and you would risk wasting too much time travelling and not have enough time to visit the sites.

For this reason we suggest that you book an excursion at the hotel organised by one of the local agencies.                                                                                                                                                                      This way you will maximize the time spent visiting the sites and spend the same amount you would if you organised the trip yourself (about 42 Euros including a private bus for the journey, entrance fees to Pompei and a guide).




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