5 . Hike in the Valle delle Ferriere (half a day)

Surrounded by the sea and the mountains, water is the spring of life

Valle delle Ferriere (half a day)
The Valle delle Ferriere is a real surprise that you would not expect to find at a seaside destination. After an hour and 30 minute walk you will find yourself in a tropical environment, surrounded by flowing streams which generates a powerful waterfall down a canyon which is around 3 km long.

Historically, this valley has guaranteed the survival of Amalfi after the distruction  of the port due to a storm in 1250.

Since then, in fact, Amalfi has lived almost exclusively on the production of paper and the cultivation of lemons, which was made possible due to the abundance of water present along the valley. This water was channeled by an ingenious canal system in order to irrigate the lemon groves and to run an industry which was made up of 17 factories which were running from 1200 to 1800.

For those of you who do not know the Valle delle Ferriere, you are, therefore, missing an important part of Amalfi’s history which is tied to the tourist image of the town, represented by lemons and handmade paper, which are typical products of the area.

Length of the walk

The walk takes 3-4 hours. This is more or less how long it takes to get to the Riserva Naturale Orientata (RNO), enjoy the beauty of it and return. Overall you will cover a distance of 6,4km (3,2km to get there and the same distance to return) at an altitude of 300 metres. The route is made up mostly of stairways. If you would like to wallk a shorter distance you just need to turn back before you get to the Riserva Naturale but this means that you would miss the most interesting part of this unique location.

The route

The route is indicated in green on the map available at reception.                                                                                                It starts in the centre of Amalfi and goes along the main road until the Paper Museum, which we suggest you visit.      From the museum you need to climb the hill situated on the right for about 300 metres and then take the stairs on the left. From there on just follow the white and red marks on pathway CAI325 to the Riserva Naturale (RNO).


Comfortable shoes and a bottle of water are necessary. You can refill your bottle during the trip at the many  fountains found along the way.

The Paper Museum

We strongly advise that you visit the Paper Museum before you begin your walk.

Along the way you will find the ruins of the old Amalfi paper mills and a visit to the paper museum will show you just how this complex industrial system worked. You will also be able to make your own handmade Amalfi paper during a guided visit to the museum which lasts about 20 minutes. You can also buy handmade Amalfi paper at the museum. The entry fee is 4 euros per person.


Agriturismo Fore Porta (Fuori Porta)

About halfway along the route you will find this pretty agriturism which is run by Signora Mena and her daughter Silivia.

You can stop for a coffee, quench your thirst with a homemade lemonade or buy some of the produce from their garden, all organically grown. Don’t miss their homemade marmelade and honey.   You can try local dishes made only with local ingredients if you book in advance.

Highly recommended.

Sito web

For further information visit the website  www.valledelleferriere.it




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