4 . Visit Positano (half a day)

A mediterranean village and a sea of fashion

Positano (half a day)
Positanto is one of the most well known locations on the Amalfi Coast, espercially for its fashion and is therefore ideal for those who love shopping.

Duration of the trip
Half a day including the journey.

How to get to Positano

We advise you to take the Travelmar ferry which runs from April to October and takes around 20 minutes. It departs from the pier in Piazza Flavio Gioia where you can buy tickets at the cost of 6,00 € per journey.

If the sea is too rough for travel you can reach Positano by bus Sita Sud Trasporti (linea Amalfi-Sorrento) which takes about 40 minutes and costs 1,80 € per journey.
The bus stop is Positano Sponda.

How to return to Amalfi

We advise you to return to Amalfi by Travelmar ferry which departs from spiaggia grande. If the sea is too rough for travel the return journey by bus could be quite difficult as buses (Sita Sud Trasporti) which come from Sorrento are often full. If this is the case then we would advise you to organise a transfer from the hotel for the return journey Positano to Amalfi.

Other suggestions

For those who love trekking the trip to Positano could be combined with a trek to the Sentiero degli Dei which allows you to reach Positano on foot departing from Bomerano in Agerola.  Arrival in Positano would be around early afternoon. Which means you would have plenty of time to visit Positano before returning to Amalfi.




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