3 . Visit Capri (a whole day)

Discover the blue seas and an exclusive location

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Capri is renown worldwide for its beauty and for its excellence as a tourist destination.

An excursion to Capri takes a whole day, of which 2-3 hours is the jouney time (a return jouney by ferry) and 4-5 hours will be walking around the island.


How to get there

Two ferry companies travel to Capri from Amalfi, Alicost and Travelmar. The service is suspended during the winter months (usually between January and February) and of course, when weather conditions do not allow ferries to depart.

Ferry timetables can be found on the following websites: www.alicost.it e www.travelmar.it. Departure times are normally at 8:30 and 9:30.

Tickets can be purchased at the ferry departure point in Piazza Flavio Gioia. In the busy season we advise you to purchase your tickets  the day before.

The cost of a return jouney varies between 35 € and  39 €, depending on the company.

What to visit.
Upon arrival at Porto di Marina Grande di Capri, you need to take the Funiculare which in one minute will take you to the famous square in the centre of Capri.
From the square you can chose from 3 itineraries which will allow you to visit the most important places of interest on the island.

Itinerary n. 1
Villa Jovis

Itinerary n. 2
Arco Naturale and the Faraglioni

Itinerary n. 3
Giardini di Augusto and Marina Piccola

How to return to Amalfi
The return journey to Amalfi is by ferry. Usually departing at 15:25 or 16:25. The return journey takes about an hour. 



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