10 . A walk from Amalfi to Ravello (half a day)

Admire the views of a pathway rich in history

Walk Amalfi-Ravello (half a day)

It is quite a challenging walk that takes you from Amalfi to Ravello or allows you to come back to Amalfi after a visit to Ravello. In the first case the walk is entirely uphill and takes you at least 3 hours; in the second case it is all downhill and it takes around 2 hours.


You have to walk up to Atrani and reach the square in front of the Maddalena Church. From there you need to walk through the following streets: San Nicola, Pastino, Atrani, Casanova and Vallone up to the church of the little village of Torello. From there you can reach Ravello walking uphill through the last part of the walk.
You then arrive at the forecourt of the Oscar Nyemeier Auditorium. The centre of Ravello is just 5 minutes away.
You can ask at reception for directions and a map of the route.




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