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Special Offers in Amalfi Hotel - L'Antico Convitto

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 Amalfi offers a lot of very interesting events in every periods of the year.
A detailed leaflet will be provided by the direction of the Hotel during your stay in Amalfi.


1st JANUARY: NEW YEAR. Joyful parades, spectacular fireworks welcome the new year.

6th JIANUARY: EPIPHANY. Mass in the cathedral: holy parade through the streets of Amalfi with Mary, Sain Joseph and the three kings; in the evening, the descent of the star of Bethlehem from the Tabor tower to Piazza Duomo..

CARNEVALE. In tutta la Costiera l'ultimo giorno di festa prima della Quaresima viene salutato da sfilate di carri allegorici, mascherine e rappresentazioni teatrali aventi come tema il Martedì Grasso.

HOLY WEEK: HOLY THURSDAY: “VIA CRUCIS” with departure from Atrani and arrival in the cathedral of Amalfi. GOOD FRIDAY: the procession of “CRISTO MORTO” (DEAD CHRIST) is held through the darkned streets of Amalfi.

27th JUNE: COMMEMORATION OF SAINT ANDREW'S MIRACLE. On 27th June 1544 Amalfi was about to be attacked by the pyrates, but a sedden tempest saved Amalfi from this attack and all the alalfitans thought it was St. Andrew who caused the tempest which saved Amalfi. So every year on the 27th of June the amalfitans remember that event with a big festa in honour of their patron saint. After the procession, particularly spectacular are the run of the St. Andrew's statue along the staircase of the cathedral and the fireworks.

JUNE-JULY: THE HISTORIC REGATA OF THE MARITIME REPUBLICS (in Amalfi every four years) A suggestive costume parade takes place in the afternoon which represents the history of the fours republics on then the parade is followed by a boat race among the four republics with a crew of 8 oarsmen and 1 cox each.

31st AUGUST: BYZANTINE NEW YEAR'S DAY Costume parade and proclamation of the duke of Amalfi.

30th NOVEMBER: ST.ANDREW'S DAY THE PROCESSION OF THE STATUE OF St. Andrew through the stretts of Amalfi with the reconfirmation of the miracle of “manna”, the oily liquid which is found close to St Andrew's relics situated in the crypt of the cathedral.

CHRISTMAS. Mass in the cathdrel and descent of the star of Bethlehem from the Tabor tower to Piazza Duomo.

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